Awakening the Master within

The dormant master within you
only awaits your awakening
to manifest in your life
everything you barely dare to dream

I believe our Imagination is our most powerful power.  Its strenght lies in the fact that our Imagination gives us access to all of our powers.

Often we underestimate the power of our Imagination. We believe that imagining or daydreaming is a waste of our time. When we understand that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world then the importance of « Daring to Imagine » is revealed to us in all its splendor.

I ask you to take a moment to « Dare to Imagine » how your life would be if you would find within yourself the following powers and would start using them again:


  • Dare to imagine ... the power to heal
  • Dare to imagine ... the power to meditate
  • Dare to imagine ... the power to succeed
  • Dare to imagine ... the power to love yourself
  • Dare to imagine ... the power of inner guidance
  • Dare to imagine ... the power to influence the energy


My goal is to help bring back the wonderful, the magic into the life of all of those who will Dare to Imagine it, dare to live it. You know, we are all spiritual beings with extraordinary powers. We all have a Master within us that awaits the moment of our awaking to guide us towards a life filled with joy, love and light. A life where "Miracles" are very present if only we Dare to Imagine it.

The services offered at « Dare to Imagine » are intended to help us « remember » who we really are; to bring back to the surface the knowledge that is currently dormant within us, allowing us to create the life of our dreams. A life where everything is possible. A life full of joy and miracles!

To live the Wonderful... is possible, if only we Dare to Imagine it, if only we dare to believe in it. Will you dare? If yes, then:

The firmament, of your happiness, will radiate
Because your dreams, you will create
Of joy, you will dance, you will sign and you will laugh
All this because you will have "dared" awakening the Master within

May you experience Miracles in your life,

Dr. Diane


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